Team Squirrel Stunt Team are an elite bunch of dedicated idiots. Based in Fife, Scotland these courageous lunatics have invented a unique form of uncoordinated entertainment. Alcohol fuelled nonsense for no particular reason has been the inspiration and foundation of Team Squirrels Comedy havoc.
Formed in 1996, the group has evolved from small time pranks into their current status as an internationally renowned stunt team. Home made videos gained popularity and by 1998 they were releasing one a month to a growing fan base.
TFI Friday was the first major break where some early videos were broadcast, swiftly followed by a short feature on Sat 1ís Blitz. Team Squirrel also starred in their own Series, World Famous for Dicking Around as well as doing sketches for RI:SE with Caprice. As a leading authority in the fields of stupidity, comedy and mayhem the team have been drafted in to lend their expertise whilst making pilot episodes for shows such as Banzai and Balls of steel. Wherever the Team are today and whatever they are doing you can rest assured that it'll be pissed-up, pointless and potentially life threatening.